There’s been a mysterious disappearance at the Fairmont Palliser hotel in Calgary.

It came to the attention of hotel communications manager Jacqueline Tyler last year when she was doing a walkthrough of the hotel. She learned when the iconic fireplace in the Rimrock room was renovated in the 1960s, two columns were cut and two statues were lowered. Pictures show twin ceramic gargoyles on the mantle but when she looked directly at the fireplace, there was only one.

Photos: Fairmont Palliser hotel gargoyles

So, what happened to the other goose statue? The hotel wants to find out now as it celebrates its 100th year.

“It was sitting on a mantle so whoever took it would have had to step up. It just vanished,” she says to Kevin Newman Live.

Skip ahead to the 23-minute mark to see our full interview with Tyler.

So far, there are no suspects but plenty of theories: perhaps sitting in someone’s garden or tucked in a box in a basement. Whatever the reason, the hotel would like the goose to fly back home. No questions will be asked.

The hotel has hosted countless guests – including the Queen of England, celebrities and world leaders.

Tyler says they’re hoping all of their ‘souvenirs’ will be returned – everything from towels to doorknobs. She says she has already received an envelope without a return address and inside, found three silver dining spoons.

With all the lost and now found items, she plans to create an alleyway of archival history.

If the goose is returned, an egg will hatch as a reward: a weekend stay on the Fairmont’s golden floor.