Darcy Oake may not be a household name yet, but the 26-year-old from Winnipeg is shooting to fame after wowing judges on Britain’s Got Talent. He appeared on the show Saturday and was unanimously voted to the next round.

Oake tells Kevin Newman Live that before the show, he was really nervous because it was more of an audition than a performance. Not to mention the four judges illuminated in the front row. “You have to utilize the nerves to work in your favour to put on a performance,” he says.

Kevin Newman Live guest host Todd van der Heyden couldn’t help but ask how Oake does his tricks, but Oake was keeping quiet. “I can’t give away my secrets; that would leave me out of a job,” Oake says.

He added that magic, “is the one thing you practice – a move or sleight – so no one will ever see it.”

Oake, the son of CBC sportscaster Scott Oake, has been practicing magic since he was ten. He remembers being amazed when his father performed a card trick when he was eight.

“It absolutely blew my mind,” he says.

Oake received his first dove at age 12 and has been improving the performance ever since. But he said there are restrictions working with doves because they aren’t the smartest animals. They are a type of pigeon, and you just have to get good at handling them.

He received a lot of applause on Britain’s Got Talen for one sleight-of-hand trick where doves, and then a person, appear out of thin air. Even the notoriously grumpy Simon Cowell was cracking a smile.

“You are without question the best magician we have had on the show,” Cowell told Oake.

Oake said it’s hard to wrap his head around everything that’s happened since the show aired. He’s been overwhelmed with emails, tweets and Facebook messages.

“It’s crazy, my social media has gone through the roof…I’m still trying to wrap my head around it,” he says.

Oake also had the audience laughing. Before he performed, he told the judges when he was young he wanted to be a doctor, but his parents insisted he become a magician.

Oake spoke to Kevin Newman Live from Las Vegas, a hub of magic, but he wouldn’t say what’s next for him. He would only say he’s in the city for meetings.

So far the video of him performing the trick has more than eight million views on YouTube.