Suzanne Heintz has a family that looks unlike any other.

At 35, the Denver-based art director lived a pretty satisfying life – she has an education, a career, a home, and a vibrant social life. But her family, friends, and even close strangers seemed to think there was something major missing in in her life.

“Why aren’t you married?!” they would ask.

Photos: Heintz and her mannequin family

Frustrated with having to give a reason, she took matters into her own hands and started one. In fact, she bought one.

Heintz picked up a husband, Chauncy, and a daughter, Mary-Margaret after walking by a retail store. They’re life-sized mannequins.

“I thought I’m going to show everybody this is what happens when you make things happen,” she says to Kevin Newman Live.

Fourteen years later, that’s exactly what she’s doing. The mannequin family is the subject of a personal photography project and upcoming documentary called “Life Once Removed.”

It showcases picture-perfect moments of them doing typical family activities – eating breakfast, hunting for Easter eggs, and posing for Christmas cards.

"PLAYING HOUSE" - NEW TRAILER from Suzanne Heintz on Vimeo.

It’s her cheeky way of showcasing American family stereotypes.

Heintz even took them on a trip to Paris and carried them around the city.

“I get crazy looks and that’s the winning formula because people don’t get it. Their minds are open.”

She says in 2014, she shouldn’t have to explain why she’s not married. This is her way of changing social expectations.

“It’s not 1965. Our parents are still passing on their expectations and I’m interested in seeing how our generation is passing on our expectations to the next.”