For weeks a luxury house in Texas has been teetering on the edge of a cliff about 25 metres above a lake. The home has been gradually breaking apart and falling down the cliff since a landslide caused half the cliff to crumble.

Authorities thought about moving the home off the cliff with a giant net, but that idea was deemed unsafe. They also considered letting it fall into the lake, but that would be too expensive to clean up.

So the solution was to set it on fire. On Friday officials used hay soaked in diesel fuel to set the home ablaze.

The house was built in 2008 and purchased by the current owners in 2012. It is currently appraised at about $700,000. The family noticed cracks in the walls soon after they bought it, but were assured it was stable. The property was condemned about two weeks ago and the owners evacuated.

According to USA Today, the owners purchased home insurance, but just learned their plan doesn’t cover earth movement so they will be footing the entire demolition bill out of their own pockets.