NekNomination is the latest Internet craze where a person is filmed downing a drink and then nominating others to do the same on camera. The drinks and stunts are becoming more extreme and recently two men in the U.K. died from downing shocking amounts of alcohol.

But one man in South Africa is quickly turning around what it means to nominate friends. When Brent Lindeque was nominated by a friend he decided to help.

“We have poverty problems and hunger problems, that was my first train of thought. My second was I wanted to be more responsible with what I’m posting online,” he says to Kevin Newman Live. He continues that he believes many people have forgotten what people post online can be viewed by anyone and he fears what people, including a potential employer, may see if they do an online search for his name in 10 years. “I want to be proud of what goes online.”

So he shot a video. It’s of him driving and talking to the camera as startling statistics are shown about poverty in his home country.

“(The craze) originated in Australia and I’m going to show you how South Africans do it better, he says in the video.” Lindeque pulls up to a person on the street, hands the man a sandwich, chocolate bar and a bottle of Coke, says ‘cheers’ and then nominates two friends to do a good deed.

Within 24 hours one of his friends bought a bunch of pet food and brought it to a shelter. His other friend helped homeless people. Since posting it about a week and a half ago it has been viewed more than half a million times. Not bad for his first YouTube posting.

“It was absolutely phenomenal,” Lindeque says. “It was incredibly humbling to see that globally everybody wants to be on board and doing good within their community.”

Since posting the video Lindeque says all the major banks in South Africa and even Coca-Cola are on board and doing good deeds.

Here are more videos of people doing good deeds inspired by Lindeque: