If you love Lego and ever wondered what it would be like to build a home out of stacked blocks, the possibility now exists.

You can build an entire house by installing insulation blocks between wooden boards thanks to a French company called MultiPod Studio. They came up with a prototype for a passive house.

It takes roughly four days and all you need is one tool: a cordless screw driver.

The company says no special skills are required. All blocks and boards are delivered ready for assembly. The pieces stack together and are made of inexpensive and recyclable materials.

A mid-size house works out to be about $46,000. Electricity and plumbing aren’t included in the cost, but heating isn’t really a concern because of the insulation from the materials.

The studio’s owner and designer Corentin Thiercelin says to Kevin Newman Live the home would be ideal for colder places like Canada and Sweden. He hopes to create a concept using cooler materials so countries in warmer developing countries will be interested.

"My wife and kids want to move in to one already," says Thiercelin.

The company claims the house is fire and earthquake-resistant and has excellent sustainability and durability.

And when you’ve had enough, you can just disassemble it. Simply go in the reverse order of assembly.

After you’re done, you can recycle the materials or reuse them to build your house again.

And if you want a pop-up office instead, you can do that too.

The design is not commercially available yet but an international patent has been filed. The company is now looking for manufacturers to certify, develop and market their product.