I’ve read and written a lot of stories about the filthiest things we touch. It always seems to be something we never think about like gas pump handles or ATMs – both as filthy or filthier than public toilets. And think about it, so many people touch both of those items and when have you ever seen them cleaned?

For the most part none of that stops me from depositing a cheque or filling up my car with gas. I usually figure whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The more bacteria I am exposed to the better my body will get at fighting it off. But a new study we reported this week has me thinking about the cleanliness of something a touch dozens or hundreds of times my day – my phone.

Kevin Newman Live reporter Victoria Ptashnick took her phone to be tested for bacteria and organic matter at a lab. An acceptable reading for an ATP test is 30, her phone received a reading of 685. Ptashnick said that was the highest bacteria count on a cellphone that lab had ever seen.

So why is her phone so gross?

It’s because she brings it into the washroom. And she isn’t alone, according to a study conducted by 11mark, more than 75 per cent of Americans bring their phones into the bathroom. Only about a third of Gen Yers say they never go to the bathroom without their mobile phone.

If you are wondering what some of the other germiest surfaces are that you touch every day, TopTensWorld lists them as shopping carts, light switches, phones, remote controls, sinks, door knobs, bank cards and money.

I guess on the positive side, I’m the only person who touches my phone so at least I’m just touching bacteria I transferred to my phone so I’ve already touched it at least once. But my phone will be staying in my pocket or on my desk every time I go to the washroom from here on and I may even consider wiping it down once in a while.