Want to fly around and bomb something, but you don’t want to join a military, this may be your lucky day. For a cool $3.3 million you could own a Soviet-era bomber.

A company, which claims to have locations in Switzerland, Germany and Ukraine posted an ad for a TU-95MS on eBay a couple days ago. It already has three bids, but there is almost five days left to bid.

However if you win the bid, chances are you won’t be flying it out of Ukraine. It’s a bit of a fixer upper.

Photos: Ukrainian bomber for sale on eBay

“The airplane is not ready to fly. It is necessary to make a technical service and prolongation of the data limit,” reads the ad description. “The plane was manufactured in 1987 and has been flown 454 hours and 24 minutes of the estimated 5,000 hours it is capable of. Cause of the fact the overall condition of the plane is very decent.”

The company selling the bomber says the final price will include shipping it to Nikolaiev or Odessa.

According to the Voice of Russia, dozens of the Tu-95 remained in Ukraine after the fall of the USSR. After Ukraine became a nuclear-free country, part of the bombers were destroyed or transported to Russia to pay off gas debts. At least six of the planes remain in Ukraine, three of them are in museums. Two were reequipped 14 years ago so serve for “ecological reconnaissance. The one for sale is believed to be one of the two used for reconnaissance. The Soviet red star and the Ukrainian Air Force symbols are both visible on the plane.

The description states the seller will ship the plane anywhere in the world, but then lists a number of places where they won’t ship including all of Africa.