If you have ever wished you were sitting on a gold mine, now is your chance to make that a reality. And it will only cost you 3,200 Bitcoins – or about $2 million.

An unnamed mining company, which claims to be a well-respected, fully compliant and profitable, has posted the Yukon mine on BitPremier. In doing so they became the first to offer a gold mine on the Bitcoin market.

Photos: Gold mine for sale

According to the ad, the mine comes with $1 million worth of equipment and “a new buyer could recoup their initial investment in as little as two mining seasons.”

The ad also suggests the mine can yield $1 million in sales a year and has potential to produce 3-4,000 ounces annually.

The luxury marketplace BitPremier began a year ago for people hoping to trade Bitcoins and so far the most expensive sale the site has facilitated was a $500,000 villa in Bali, Indonesia. Currently, there are a number of cars, houses and even a very first Apple computer available for sale.

If someone purchases this mine, it will likely set new records for Bitcoin.